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About me

“Music and singing is a way for me to communicate what is behind it – silence, healing by its very nature… a space in which everything comes into existence, to which everything returns, and which touches the deepest layers of the soul.”


Plynutí / Music for the soul. Beautiful, emotional and deeply spiritual New age music, 2016 – music and piano Tomáš Prokopič, music and vocal Karolina Beyond

Beyond Memebranes /  Meditative audiovisual project with mantras, 2013 –  music by Petr Pinos, visuals by P. L. Kopecký, vocal by Karolina Beyond

Elements / Harmonizing, audiovisual project combined with singing and dance, 2014 – music by Petr Pinos, dance by  Mirka Papajikova, vocal by Karolina Beyond

Film Music – Collaboration with the Czech TV composer Kamil Holub and director Josef Císařovský.

Also involved in a number of musical projects in the areas of jazz, classical and period music in the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, etc.)

Performance at the concert of the legendary Russian singer Boris Grebenščikov “Tibetan mantras”, (the only concert in Europe), Prague, 2007

Co-founder of alternative community  “The womens circle”  (2005), creating a network of conscious, like-minded and wise women who are actively involved in the areas of personal development, the resurgence of womanhood, natural birth, the upbringing and education of children, etc.

She works as the shiatsu and cranio – sacral therapist.

Karolina Beyond lives in Prague, in Bohemia.